Heart Theatre

Theatre experiences designed to access creative and critical thinking to engage groups in dialogue and problem solving.

Heart Theatre appreciates that there is no limit to where, with who, what topics, or how theatre can be used it is an expression of all human experiences and can explore our past, illuminate our present, and discover our future.

Connect with Heart to envision how theatre could creatively meet the goals of your group.

Why try theatre?

  • Fun:  participants will laugh together
  • Creative: participants will use the creative part of their brain
  • Physical:  participants will engage their bodies in movement
  • Inclusive: participants will be invited into the process
  • Adaptable: participant needs and group goals inform the design and process
  • Interactive: participants will work together
  • Interpersonal: participants will build relationships
  • Holistic: participants will explore interconnectedness

What happens during the theatre process?

  • Group Building
  • Risk taking
  • Trust
  • Storytelling
  • Personal Growth
  • Positive Group Dynamics
  • Brainstorming
  • Dialogue
  • Problem Solving
  • Encourage Curiosity
  • Human Connection
  • Reflection

Past Partners

  • Woodland Hills
  • SOAR Career Solutions
  • Duluth School District
  • Arrowhead Juvenile Corrections
  • St. Louis County Jail
  • Center Against Domestic Abuse
  • The Table
  • Minnesota Public Health Association
  • St. Louis County
  • Duluth Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Duluth
  • Community groups